50 Fun Things To Do Outside

The main problem with having free time is finding things to do.  There are more than 50 fun things to do, but maybe the list below can help you get started and then you can make your plans.  Do not sit around just because you can’t come up with stuff to do because there are so many options out there.  Take advantage of the many opportunities available instead of just sitting around the house.

  1. Grab some binoculars and start bird watching.
  2. Get your tent and go camping.
  3. Play cards.
  4. Go to the zoo.
  5. Get your ice skates and go ice skating.
  6. Try surfing.
  7. Get your gear for hiking.
  8. Canoeing.
  9. Get the family together for board games.
  10. Go out to eat at a restaurant.
  11. Running is good for exercise.
  12. Get your bicycle out and go bicycling.
  13. Try sledding in the winter.
  14. Make art for your home.
  15. Throw a party at your house.
  16. Go swimming.
  17. Make a snowman if it is winter.
  18. Skiing is a fun activity.
  19. Try cooking some new recipes.
  20. Find a concert to attend.
  21. Scour the local events in your area and do one of those.
  22. Go to an amusement park.
  23. Tour the local historical places in your city.
  24. Go shopping.
  25. Play football.
  26. Take a trip to the park for the day.
  27. Find a tennis court and play tennis.
  28. Go waterskiing.
  29. Rent a boat and spend a day boating.
  30. Try knee boarding.
  31. Learn to skateboard.
  32. Play hide and seek with the kids.
  33. Go fishing.
  34. Bungee jumping is a risky thing to try.
  35. Go watch a sports game.
  36. Find somewhere to shoot pool.
  37. Go bowling.
  38. Go snowboarding.
  39. Try to slalom.
  40. Go for a ride on your four wheeler.
  41. If it is winter then try snowboarding.
  42. Go play miniature golf.
  43. Have a huge snowball fight.
  44. Flying airplane models.
  45. Going snorkeling.
  46. Try scuba diving.
  47. Sky diving can be quite exhilarating.
  48. Go wind surfing.
  49. Go karts are always fun to try.
  50. Try hang gliding.

This is just a short list out of all the things to do, but it can help you get an idea of what area you are interested in.  The main thing is to try some new things and see what you like to do so you can have some fun.  Bring some friends if you want and pick something off this list of 50 fun things to do so you can enjoy this time together.

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