Fun Things To Do On Her Birthday

The number one problem that people have trouble deciding on is what some fun things to do on her birthday are.  You have to know someone to know the things that they enjoy, and since everyone is different, the answer will not be the same.  This list can give you some ideas that you can use and maybe alter a little to fit what she desires.  You can make this a very special memory because no matter how much she says she does not care, it really does matter to her.

  • Plan to take her somewhere for the day and spend the night.  Something quaint like a bed and breakfast somewhere or maybe to a town she always talked about visiting when she got the chance.  She will be appreciative that you have been listening when she talks, and this proves that you have been.
  • A romantic dinner at home or a nice restaurant is always a sure win.  Make sure there are candles and soft music to give it that added sense of romance that girls secretly wish for and brag about when they get.
  • Visit a local vineyard and you can sample the local bouquet of wine.  Most places have a local place that you can walk the grounds and taste the wine.  This is one of those ideas that are rarely thought of but it is quite breathtaking.
  • Give her a spa day and join her for it.  I know it might not be your favorite way to spend a Saturday, but it would mean the world to her for you to join her.  Giving people what they want sometimes means sacrificing what you want to do.
  • Plan to take her to the beach and bring a picnic lunch.  You can spend the day at the beach together and then take that moonlight stroll that is so romantic.  It is important to make her feel special on her birthday.
  • Take her dancing or start dancing lessons.  Many women like to be shown that you care about things they are interested in and this could be one way to show her–especially on a day that you are celebrating because it is her day.

These are just a few suggestions of things you could do for her on this special day.  It is good to spend time with people you love and care about because they have helped you through so many tough times.  You can make anyone feel special by letting them know you love them and care about them enough to go out of your way to do something they like.  If you commit to make her day special then find some fun things to do on her birthday, and maybe you will enjoy some of them too.

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