Fun Things to do with your Girlfriend at Home

Going out, while enjoyable, can also be hard on your wallet. For this reason, you may want to figure out fun things to do with your girlfriend at home. Whatever you choose, it must meet certain criteria. It should be something that both of you enjoy. It should have an element of romance. With that being said, it does not necessarily need to be romantic.

  • Have a competition. Whether it is video games, outdoor games, or old fashioned board games, compete with one another to see who can win the most. Create a scoring system if one does not exist. Make sure there is either one big prize for the winner or several smaller prizes for each victory. These do not have to be objects. They can include things like a back rub, foot massage, cooking dinner, or letting the winner choose the movie without having to listen to the loser complain about it.
  • Create a romantic dinner. Every woman loves a significant other with culinary skills. Of course, even spaghetti can be romantic with the right atmosphere. Use candles and nice music to help turn your normal dining room or backyard into a beautiful setting. Find the nicest tablecloth and dishes to add a special touch. Choose a nice wine to serve. Of course, if you aren’t the romantic type, just cooking dinner for your girlfriend or with your girlfriend is plenty of fun.
  • Use a classic approach. When all else fails, a movie, pizza, and/or popcorn can make for a great time. If you want to, make time to discuss the movie afterwards. Talking about the plot and actors can take up an hour or two at least. Playing a game to draw connections between the actors or taking the time to look up trivia about the movie online will add some fun.
  • Save your money by using your brain. Having fun doesn’t have to cost a lot. You don’t even need to leave your house. If you need more ideas on what to do at home, spend some time brainstorming. Both you and your girlfriend should create lists of things that you enjoy doing. Put your heads together and figure out which of those things can be done inside the comfort of your own home. Even if it’s something that you’ve previously done elsewhere, you may be able to modify it so that it becomes a home activity. For example, going to a movie becomes renting a movie and dining out becomes eating in.

With a few basic ideas and time, you can find fun things to do with your girlfriend at home. The point is not necessarily to be romantic or to spend a lot of money. There is romance in simply being together.

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