Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend With No Money

In these tough economic times it is important to know some fun things to do with your girlfriend with no money available.  It is easy to think that you need money to win your girlfriend but that is not true.  There are several free things you can do with her that will make her unaware that money was not involved.  Think outside of the box and dig deep into your romantic side and make your time together something very special.

  • Cook a romantic dinner at home together.  Cooking with someone can be really fun and you can set the table with candles and pick some flowers from your garden for her.  This costs nothing except things you already have around your house, and it will be very meaningful—more so perhaps than a dinner out.
  • Going to the park and packing a picnic lunch will make her feel very special. Money for a light lunch or evening meal are things you’d have to spend anyway.  You can spend hours at the park walking around and holding hands or just staring at the clouds together.
  • Hiking is free and all you have to take is some water and maybe a little bit of food.  The two of you can share in the beauty of nature and each other while you walk through the wilderness.  She will not be thinking that you were looking for a free alternative for your outing–she will just be glad spending time with you.
  • Rollerblading can be a fun thing to do together.  It requires just a pair of skates that you already have in the bottom of your closet, and you can even race to see who can get to the end of the road first.
  • Tennis is a good sport that most guys and girls like to play.  You can go to your local free court and bring your racquets and tennis balls and spend hours playing together.
  • If there is a beach in the area, then you can take her for a day of swimming and sun tanning at beach.  Beaches do not require any money, and you only need a towel and sunscreen.
  • Most places have local events going on that are free like concerts or festivals.  Attending these can be very rewarding and they cost nothing but time.

There are many things you can find to do if you use your imagination.  Most girlfriends do not think about how much it costs when you go out because they just want to spend time with you.  The thing to remember is what she thinks about when you go out and not what you believe society expects from you.  So find some fun things to do with your girlfriend with no money involved and enjoy it.

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